What our patients say about our service


I really didn't know how terrific they would be when we first started to use them and I can't say enough. When they say they are coming, they come. I don't think I could be here by myself...I rely them. They help me get in the shower and they prepare food for me; if they're not going to be here at supper, they'll prepare something for me and then something for the next day early in the morning. I'm really grateful that they're there. And I hope they continue a long time.

Catherine C.




She is one in a million and I am so happy to have her. I have had her for over two years now...when she comes into the house, it's like I've got a friend visiting me for a few hours and it's wonderful. I'm the happiest girl, as I am an amputee, so I always say, I'm the happiest girl on one foot!

Annie M.




I am so happy to have the services that Commonwealth offers and even happier to give this organization a whole-hearted endorsement. The consistency of the training the home-care aides receive is very comforting. Even when there is a substitute aide, you know what to expect. Yet, each person has been willing to adjust the routine and to accommodate my particular needs in a pleasant and loving manner.
After a severe stroke, I was hospitalized for six months. At first, I wasn't able to sit without falling over, and needed to be sponge bathed in bed. Gradually, and over a long period of time, I was able, with an aide's assistance to sit in the shower. My first milestone! And it felt like heaven to have the warm water wash over me!
I have come to feel that these gifted women are not only my corporal caretakers but friends whose company I enjoy. Thank you, Ladies, and thanks to Commonwealth and its administrative staff.

Emma F.